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Huawei will not use Google services even if the ban is lifted

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The ban on Huawei might help the company create its own services just like Google. It’s been 8 months since Huawei was blacklisted in the United States. This prevented US companies from having business relations with the manufacturer. Google is one of them and this is why the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has arrived without Google services internationally.

Instead, Huawei Mobile Services await the users

The situation has not been solved yet, so the next Huawei and Honor phones will suffer the same fate. Now, a representative from Huawei told the Austrian newspaper Der Standard that they will never use Google services again, even if the ban is lifted.

Huawei has been greatly affected by the US veto, and their phones are not permitted to use Google services anymore. So the new Huawei phones’ users cannot install Play Store applications or use Google’s own applications, such as YouTube. Users can still install these apps of course, but there is a hidden catch. Huawei phones can not use Google Play services as others do. So the apps can not benefit from fundemental Google services. They can’t use maps or location features, push notifications, security features that most of the third party apps benefit.

“Android no longer feels open source”

Apparently, Huawei still intends to be the third power in the mobile software market, along with Google and Apple. For this, it does not intend to completely change the operating system. The company will continue to use Android to facilitate the work for developers, although they will be fully based on the AOSP version (Android Open Source Project). According to Huawei, under the hand of Google, Android no longer feels an open source operating system.

This decision also shows that Huawei doesn’t want to be in between fires of the trade war between China and the United States. If Huawei completely dispenses with what has been banned from them, the veto will cease to affect them directly. Although that does not mean that everything becomes easier for them.

Huawei will invest millions of dollars into its own ecosystem

A few days ago Huawei announced that they would invest millions of dollars for attracting developers to App Gallery, its own app store. Apparently the App Gallery will be the heart of the Huawei Mobile Services. And if Huawei manages to bring the major applications in its own store, it could really survive without Google’s services. And if the will be lifted, Google’s own apps might appear in Huawei’s store, which might be another selling point after all.

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