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Now you can really delete your history with Off-Facebook Activity Tool

Facebook has extended its Activity Tool with Off-Facebook Activity feature, which allows deleting the data that other pages send to it so that users stop receiving personalized advertising and that, after being tested in Spain since mid-2019, becomes global.

Ads in general became very annoying for users, since they have become invasive, they cannot be skipped and the worst, in most cases, there is no way to decide what to see and what not.

Facebook has implemented new security features, including an Off-Facebook Activity Tool, that allows to delete your history for the last 180 days. This feature, announced in August 2019, was already tested in Spain, Ireland and South Korea and since this Tuesday it reached the whole world.

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This function, according to the social network, is a transparency tool with which they want the user to know first-hand and at a click away, all the websites and applications that send information to Facebook when they use the tool.

Off-Facebook Activity tool works first by displaying a summary of the information that other applications and websites have sent to Facebook. In cases where the user does not want Facebook to receive this data from external websites, the function allows you to disconnect this information from your account, which will be effective for the future as well. In this way, the company can not use this information to display personalized ads on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

Likewise, the social network has implemented other control tools for users through the “Why do I see this ad?” function, which now shows more information, and the “Ad preferences”, from which you can hide or report an ad.

Users of the platform may choose not to see advertisements based on third-party data using the “Ads based on partner data” option. People can also view and delete this data by going to Off-Facebook Activity tool.

You can reach the tool directly by clicking here.