How to connect tablet to Smart TV wireless?

How to connect tablet to Smart TV wireless

In this article we will show you how to connect your tablet to Smart TV using wireless connection. When you connect your tablet to the TV wireless, you can play pictures, music or films on your TV easily. There are basically two ways to do this. In this article we are going to show you how to connect all common tablet models to your television.

How to connect tablet to Smart TV wireless?

Connect tablet to TV via Chromecast, Miracast or other HDMI sticks

The easiest way to connect to the TV wirelessly is with an HDMI stick.

  • All you require is an HDMI connection on the TV. A USB connection, which is used for the power supply, would also be needed, but you can also get that through an adapter if your TV’s USB slots are full.
  • On the television, select the source in which the stick is located for the display. The easiest way to use is bu Chromecast, Miracast stick or the Microsoft wireless display adapter.
  • By the way, there is a separate app named Google Home, so you can link your tablet to TV and with which all screen content can be transferred to the television.
  • For Windows tablets, on the other hand, you should choose Miracast dongles or the Microsoft wireless display adapter .
  • AirPlay is the most convenient way to use an iOS devices to connect to your TV. To do this, you need either an Apple TV or a Mac connected to the screen.

Stream content from the tablet using the DLNA standard

Most of the tablets can be configured as DLNA servers . DLNA-compatible TV sets or set-top boxes can then access your tablet Wi-Fi.

If the required app is not installed on your tablet as standard, many corresponding programs can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or in the in-house app store of your TV.

DLNA is a cross-vendor standard. Nevertheless, the transmission is sometimes problematic. The devices do not always access a data format suitable for both devices or can not somehow match the image resolution. And the stability depends on the signal strength and utilization of the Wi-Fi used.