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Apple sued by Masimo for stealing its healthcare patents

Apple sued by Masimo for stealing its healthcare patents

Masimo, a medical technology company, has sued Apple with the accusation of stealing health monitoring patents and requires a total ban on sales of the Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4. Masimo representatives are confident that Apple stole its know-how related to health monitoring, and then used them in the latest versions of the wearable accessory.

Is it the dark side of Apple?

According to a story on Bloomberg, Masimo assures that Apple acted in a very unusual way. After receiving classified information on the pretext of working with a medical company, Apple lured several Masimo employees. As a result, the corporation received the necessary technology at the same time while employing highly qualified personnel like Michael O-Reilly, who took over as Apple’s vice president of Healthcare.

The partnership between Apple and Masimo took place in 2013, when Apple expressed interest in using Masimo’s technologies in its products.

Masimo: 10 patents were violated

A subsidiary of Masimo Cercacor (a spinoff of Masimo Inc.) and representatives of the Masimo accuse Apple of violating 10 patents at once, one of which has the technology of non-invasive monitoring using light radiation to obtain information about the level of oxygen in the blood and monitor the frequency of heartbeat.

Now Masimo is seeking a ban on sales of two Apple watch models at once: Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4, as well as compensation for violating a number of patents. The case is handled by the US District Court for the Central District of California.