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CES 2020: Samsung introduced NEON virtual people

samsung neon

Samsung last month announced a mysterious project named NEON which consists of a “virtual person”, but did not explain what it meant. Only at CES 2020 in Las Vegas did the company reveal this idea.

What is Samsung NEON?

Neon, in Samsung’s words is “a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence.”

samsung neon


The company has developed an artificial intelligence that generates 3D models as avatars. They can move, talk, show emotions and act as virtual assistants. This technology was made in the laboratory of Advanced Research Labs (or STAR Labs), which is responsible for experiments inside Samsung, kind of a new department.

Basically, Neon makes video chatbots that look and act like real people. Neons aren’t just know-it-all smart assistants, androids, surrogates or copies of real humans, the company said in an FAQ they shared with the reporters. They can’t tell you the weather or how old Abraham Lincoln was when he died.

NEON developers claim that their technology is different from deepfake and other methods of creating 3D models of people, but so far have not disclosed details. NEON is based on the company’s Core R3 tech, which offers a low latency responses of that is less than a few microseconds to human queries, described as “lifelike” and “indistinguishable” from reality.

samsung neon

In the future, the company plans to license the NEON avatar to other companies. For example, an online store will be able to order an exclusive virtual assistant who will communicate with site visitors and help with the selection of products or services. It’s also possible to create a virtual TV presenter or even actors.

An important nuance is that virtual people in images are created only as an illustration of technology. Models are created manually and not generated by the NEON system. The company promises to show some real-world examples of this technology at CES 2020.

Samsung has not yet revealed when we will start meeting NEON avatars in real life.