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    How do you view comments on YouTube?

    In the top-left corner, click the “hamburger menu icon” (three horizontal lines). Then, select “Other Google activity.” You may find the “Comments on YouTube” section by scrolling down the page. “View Comments” can be tapped.

    Is there a way to see past YouTube comments?

    How to View the YouTube Comments You’ve Posted Find the left-hand navigation menu on the YouTube homepage. Select “History.” The History Type panel is located on the right side of this screen. Then, choose “Comments.” The following thing you’ll notice is a list of YouTube comments you’ve left.

    Why can’t I view YouTube comments?

    Regain access to YouTube comments Therefore, before attempting again, try updating the YouTube app to the most recent version that is available from the App Store or the Play Store. If the issue is unique to the app, it should be resolved by updating it. Additionally, make sure comments are permitted on that video.

    How do I see my comments on YouTube 2022?

    View Your Comments on YouTube (2022) Click the “History” tab in the left sidebar of YouTube. 2. Select “Comments” from the right menu to see a list of all the YouTube comments you have so far posted.

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    view comments youtube

    How can I find my old comments?

    Click the three parallel lines in the top-left corner of the YouTube site, then select “History” from the drop-down menu that displays. 2. Click the bubble next to the term “Comments” on the right side of the screen.

    Why do YouTube comments disappear 2022?

    The author of the video has disabled comments. The most frequent cause of not being able to leave a comment on a YouTube video is that the video’s author has disabled the comments option on one or more of their videos. To avoid unwanted messages or spam, the video producer may choose to disable comments if the video contains any content that is controversial.

    Where is the comment section on YouTube 2021?

    The YouTube test version completely eliminates the comments section from the page’s bottom. Instead, it has been moved to a new section that viewers can only access after clicking the new Comments button, which is situated below the video between the Thumbs Down and Share icons.

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