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    How do I Download a Google Doc as a PDF with comments?

    To save a copy of your document from Google Doc, go to the “File” menu, pick “Download,” and then choose the file type you want to use. If the file you’re working with is quite large, selecting “File” > “Print” from the menu bar will allow you to save it as a PDF. Choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu next to Destination. When you are finished, click the Save button, and your document will begin downloading.

    Why can’t I see comments on Google Docs?

    Google Drive has the ability to open Word documents, however it’s possible that the comments won’t show up. Converting the paper to a Google document is required in order to read the feedback that was left on it. If the document is not automatically converted, there are two different ways to convert a Word document into a Google document. This depends on the parameters that you have chosen for the document.

    Can you download Google Docs with comments?

    Go to on your browser to browse available extensions. Find the extension that you wish to add to your Google Chrome browser, and then download it to your computer. You can print your Google Doc file with comments by using the extension that is available now.

    Can you see Google Doc comments on a PDF?

    Users now have the ability to perform actions on Office, PDF, or picture files just as if they were native Google Drive formats. This functionality was previously only available for viewing other document types. When you make a comment, assign a task, or mention a coworker in the preview pane of Drive, the individuals with whom you work can respond to your post even if they are not using G Suite.

    How do I print a PDF with comments in Chrome?

    Install the Full Page Screen Capture extension for Google Chrome. This will open a new window with the title Full Page Screen Capture. This window will display the full document, including any comments that have been added. Simply click on the PDF icon located at the top of the page to begin downloading the paper in PDF format. You can then print the document directly from your computer after it has been downloaded.

    How do I print comments in DOCX?

    The Comments Will Be Printed To paste, press Ctrl+P. The Print dialog box is displayed when you use Word… Select List of Markup or Document Showing Markup from the Print What drop-down list, depending on which option you prefer. (The first publishes only the comments and any other document markup, whereas the second prints the document in its entirety along with any comments and any other document markup.) Select the OK button.

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