games lag when moving mouse

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    Why does Valorant lag when I move my mouse?

    If you’re having trouble with your mouse in Valorant or any other game, you should try switching your power plan. Another option is to update both your operating system and the driver for your graphics card. Make sure you don’t miss out on our section on how to get the most out of your gaming computer.

    Why is my mouse not moving smoothly?

    If you have an optical mouse (LED or laser), and it is behaving erratically, it is possible that the optical eye is blocked. It’s possible for hair or fuzz to obstruct the sensor that’s located on the bottom of the mouse, which will prevent the optical sensor from functioning properly. Flip the mouse over and check to see if there is anything that could be obstructing the hole.

    Can polling rate cause stuttering?

    There is a possibility that Windows 10 and 11 will stutter or drop frames whenever the mouse is used in GPU-intensive applications, but this behavior will only occur if the software is specifically being run on a polling rate of 1000 hertz. This behavior appears to occur at random and is not consistent in any way.

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    games lag when moving mouse

    What causes cursor lag?

    The most common cause for a mouse cursor to lag is usually a bad wifi connection. Conducting a ping test is one way to determine whether or not this is the cause of the problem. Utilizing an Ethernet cable is going to be the most effective course of action. If your ethernet network is in another room, or you don’t have one, then you could set up an ethernet network.

    How do I stop mouse input lag Valorant?

    You can attempt to fix these issues: Complete all of the available Windows updates. Delete any files that are temporary. Disable Windows 10 game mode. Update your device drivers. Turn off optimizations for fullscreen mode. Put a high priority on this task. Adjust the various options within the game.

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