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    Why does my friend appear offline on switch?

    Carry out a check of your Internet connection. Ensure that the most recent system update is installed on your console. Make sure your Notification settings are up to date. After selecting System Settings and then Notifications from the HOME Menu, either the left or right stick and either the plus or minus button should be pressed and held down simultaneously for a few seconds in order to access the Notifications menu.

    What does offline mean on the switch?

    When they are shown to be offline, it just indicates that they have not been playing games on their switch (or just chosing to appear offline which I think is an option).

    How do you hide Nintendo Switch games?

    Choose the device you want to display your play activity on under “Play Activity Settings.” You can choose “No One” from the menu that appears by first highlighting it and then clicking the “A” button. This will ensure that none of your friends are able to view the list of games that you have been playing.

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    Why can’t I play my switch games offline?

    If the software does not require an internet connection, you are most likely not using the primary console for the Nintendo Account that purchased the software. You can play games without an internet connection if you use the primary console instead of the system you are currently using or if you switch the primary console to the system you are currently using.

    Can you appear offline on switch Reddit?

    Select “User Settings” from the menu that appears in the sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the “User Settings” page and select “Friend Settings” from the menu. Choose who you want to show your online status to under “Friend Settings.” Choose “No One” from the drop-down choice that appears next to “Display online status to.”

    What happens when you block a friend on Nintendo Switch?

    Users that you have blocked from contacting you will not be able to submit friend requests to you, and you will not be paired with them in games. Find the user again, and this time choose the option that says “Send Friend Request” if you want to unblock the user.

    How do you turn on airplane mode on a Nintendo Switch?

    Carry out these procedures in full. Select System Settings from the HOME menu to make changes. System Settings are currently emphasized on the HOME Menu Screen of the Nintendo Switch. Choose Airplane Mode from the list of available options on the left. The Nintendo Switch’s System Settings have been adjusted to include an Airplane Mode. Choose the Airplane Mode menu item on the right side of the screen, and then press A to turn it on.

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