Six e-car wallboxes in the test – one fails!

Forum Automobile Six e-car wallboxes in the test – one fails!

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    Six e-car wallboxes in the test – one fails!

    Charging is often a problem with electric cars. One advantage of e-cars, however, is that you don’t need to go to the gas station, you can simply tap the electricity at home. However, you should have a wallbox for this. The ÖAMTC tested six of these home fuel pumps.

    Of course, you can also charge your car from a household socket, but: It takes forever and, above all, it is dangerous because the network can overload. Wallboxes are not cheap, of course, but the good news is that private individuals as well as companies, associations and local authorities have been funding their purchase since the beginning of 2021.

    Test winner with reference to Austria

    The best box in the test was the TX-1000, sold by the Austrian company Kostad. “At around 1100 euros, the model is relatively expensive, but you also get extensive equipment and a good app, the latter, however, so far only in English,” summarizes ÖAMTC expert Markus Kaiser. “You can even use the app to set the charging current in real time and you can see the charge status at a glance.” Warning: The TX-1000 will soon be replaced by a successor model.

    There were also good results for the two cheapest test candidates: Vestel EVC04-AC11SW-T2P and the Volkswagen ID.Charger Connect cost around 800 and 700 euros respectively and can convince in different categories: while the box from Vestel has a very good app which even enables time-controlled charging, the VW Charger offers one of the best overall packages in the test. What both have in common is the exemplary cable management. The hestoc electrify eBox wr30, which also has balanced basic properties, was also rated “good”.

    The ÖAMTC test of the Wallbox Pro Connect 11 kW from fared less well. “In one test scenario, the box did not interrupt charging when simulating the ‘gassing battery’ defect. This could be dangerous in closed rooms. A reference to the fact that the box may only be used outdoors is missing in the very brief instructions, ”said the club technician. Therefore, the otherwise good model (the structure is easier to repair than any other box) has to be content with a “satisfactory” rating.

    One box falls through completely

    One model, the EVBox Elvi, fails with “not enough” – although its equipment, functionality and also the app are on a high level. The reason: “In one of our test series, the residual current monitoring did not trigger, which is a gross safety deficiency and can become a real danger for the user,” explains Kaiser. According to the manufacturer, however, a new version of this box is now on the market. All customers who have already bought will be offered a free firmware update – so they should urgently contact the manufacturer.

    Funding is provided: 600 euros for your own home, installation by an electrician

    One or two-family houses currently receive a grant of 600 euros per charging box. But also in multi-party houses there are subsidies, namely in the amount of 900 euros for individual and 1800 euros for community systems. The funding is paid out by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

    “The installation of a wallbox may only be carried out by an electrician or a licensed specialist electrical company,” says Kaiser. If the output is 3.6 kVA or higher, the network operator should also be informed. In addition to safety considerations, this is also a prerequisite for receiving funding from the BMK.

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Forum Automobile Six e-car wallboxes in the test – one fails!