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    Porsche Taycan: Now comes the Cross Turismo

    The system is known from the Panamera. The sedan is now also being followed by a version of the electric high-flyer Taycan with more space (47 mm more headroom at the rear) and more variable storage space (1,200 liters of load volume). The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is more than just a Taycan with a more rounded rear. As the designation “Cross” in the name suggests, the Taycan Cross Turismo is also given bad road capabilities on its journey.

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    This is ensured by a height-adjustable chassis with air suspension with which the ground clearance can be increased by up to 30 mm. The optional off-road design package includes wheel arch trims, independent front and rear lower parts and side skirts with flaps at the ends. These are also found on the corners of the front and rear bumpers and are intended to protect against falling rocks. In addition, there is a special drive program called “Gravel Mode” as standard for all Taycan Cross Turismo, with which the enormous power delivery of the electric motors is better adapted to gravel roads. In addition, unlike the Taycan sedan, all versions of the Cross Turismo have all-wheel drive thanks to the four electric motors on the front and rear axles.

    Speaking of power: the Taycan has more than enough of that, even in the Cross Turismo version. The music starts at 280 kW (380 PS) continuous output and 350 kW (476 PS) overboost on the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo and only stops at 460 kW (625 PS) and 560 kW (761 PS) overboost on the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo.

    In between there are the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo with 360 kW (490 PS) and 420 kW (571 PS) overboost and the Taycan 4Turbo Cross Turismo 460 kW (625 PS) and 500 kW (680 PS) overboost.

    Common to all four versions is the 93.4 kWh performance battery known from the Taycan sedan and the system voltage of 800 volts.

    The possible recuperation performance has been further improved for the Cross Turismo, which is now an impressive 290 kW.

    No more charging card

    Also on board from the start of the Taycan Cross Turismo is the function called Plug & Charge, with which a card or app is no longer required for charging stations. As soon as the charging cable is connected to the station, the systems communicate directly and both charging and payment are processed automatically.

    Another new feature is a function called Functions on Demand that was introduced during the facelift of the current Taycan year. This means that equipment details such as Power Steering Plus or Active Lane Guidance can be retrofitted without visiting the workshop. The processing takes place via online activation directly from the car itself.

    The new Taycan Cross Turismo starts here in summer. The starting price is € 96,990.

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