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    How dogs are good for our health

    Man’s best friend is not only characterized by its positive qualities as a pet. Often they are used as a therapy dog, school dog or guide dog. But also when it comes to keeping our mind and body fit, the four-legged friend is a great support.

    The urge to move rubs off

    Pets keep routines as they all have their own needs. Dogs also have to go for a walk, as well as a basic urge to move, as the animal also needs exercise. Not only does the dog stay fit, its owner is inevitably infected. Because regular walks are good for your health and stimulate your circulation. On the one hand, this prevents diseases such as heart attacks and strokes; on the other hand, exercise in the fresh air has a positive effect on the course of chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and even diabetes. Going out every day also helps to strengthen the immune system, which is particularly important in times of pandemic.

    Well-being factor dog

    Not only physical health is promoted by dogs or pets. Contact with animal colleagues in the form of petting and cuddling ensures that our body releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. This ensures well-being, reduces stress and can thus contribute to your own regeneration. But this also strengthens the bond with the pet, which can also lead to better mental health. For this reason too, dogs are often used in various forms of therapy or as companions for people with disabilities. With the so-called school dog, the more pleasant atmosphere due to the presence of the animal also ensures better learning success.

    Success through training

    Dogs show themselves to be particularly capable of learning, although there are sometimes big differences between the individual breeds. There are also some types of dog that are considered to be particularly loving or calm in their behavior. With the right training, they can then be used accordingly for various purposes. For example, visiting dogs accompany masters in retirement homes or kindergartens and thus give them additional security. Therapy dogs, on the other hand, are first subjected to different tests and thus receive special training at the end. But their owners should also have in-depth educational and therapeutic knowledge in order to be able to train the animal optimally.

    Animal early warning system

    It has long been observed that some animals can react to earthquakes. A current study is even attempting to clearly demonstrate this by monitoring animals over several years and making this early warning system usable for us humans. Earthquakes can be predicted hours before they occur. But animals are not only superior to us when it comes to the early detection of earthquakes: dogs are used as early warning systems for epilepsy and diabetes if an attack or glycemic shock is imminent. This happens on the basis of the smell, which the animals can be trained to use. This is made possible by the 200 million olfactory cells in the sensitive dog’s nose, whereas humans have only five million of this species in comparison.

    Exercise responsibility

    But also the dog school can generally not harm dogs, even if they are kept exclusively as family dogs. Correct behavior is more fun on both sides and also prevents one or the other nasty surprise. Especially in the current time of the corona pandemic, many are doing their work in the home office, which has made it more important to live with pets. But this also means that more dogs are currently finding new owners. Nevertheless, it should be weighed beforehand what speaks for and against a purchase. Because the four-legged companions can even live to be over 15 years old, depending on the breed. For this reason, a decision to purchase an animal should not be made too quickly. It must also be considered how the animal can be cared for after the pandemic, should the place of work be changed again if necessary – because then the new family member should also be adequately cared for.

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Forum Health How dogs are good for our health