COVID-19: Yoga and Ayurveda can support the healing process

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    COVID-19: Yoga and Ayurveda can support the healing process

    Because of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the whole world has been in a state of emergency for a year. Many people are particularly concerned about the difficult course. There is still no treatment that can completely contain the virus, as the disease takes an individual course in each patient. Therapy is limited to relieving pain and symptoms, most of which are similar to those of a severe cold. A recent study from India sees yoga, combined with Ayurveda treatment, as an effective way to support the healing process.

    Yoga exercises and Ayurveda support recovery

    It has long been known that yoga and Ayurveda therapy can help against muscle tension and stress or effectively prevent symptoms. The traditional healing art of Ayurveda has its origin in India and is still taught and applied in Asia today. In Western countries, the therapy is more used for wellness purposes, but is still widespread. Ayurveda is a holistic system that is made up of various components of a certain way of life, such as diet or pathology. Based on the clinical picture of an Indian COVID-19 patient, it was shown that alternative methods can help here too.

    High risk patient treated successfully

    How well this can work is also reported by the medical journal “Journal of Medical Case Reports” about a COVID-19 sufferer who, in addition to Western treatment, was also able to actively accelerate his healing process with the help of yoga and Ayurveda. Due to numerous previous illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and chronic kidney disease, the 55-year-old man belonged to the high-risk group. In the course of his COVID-19 illness, he reported typical symptoms: fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches, feelings of weakness, abdominal discomfort and a reduced sense of taste and smell. After the patient received treatment following the guidelines of Western medicine for seven days after his diagnosis, an alternative treatment plan was also drawn up. This was based on yoga and Ayurveda therapy with supplements from previous treatment methods. The plan was drawn up on the basis of previously published reports linking COVID-19 treatment to alternative medicine such as Ayurveda.

    Accelerated healing process

    The authors of the treatment plan, who are also professionally dedicated to yoga and Ayurveda, focused on changing the existing lifestyle. This was sometimes reflected in an adapted diet, regular yoga practice and Ayurvedic medicines. Only two days after starting treatment, the patient reported an improvement in symptoms. From the fifth day he spoke of a 75 percent relief, from the ninth day the symptoms were almost completely healed. Even the blood sugar level dropped significantly and was back to normal within twelve days. On the 19th day of treatment, another PCR test was carried out, this time showing a negative result for Covid-19.

    Promising treatment supplement

    The method described led to a successful result in the individual clinical picture of the patient and also effectively alleviated the symptoms. The alternative treatment plan with yoga and Ayurveda elements can therefore be effective for healing. However, the success depends heavily on the individual patient situation. Additional investigations would have to be carried out to assess the effectiveness. It should also not be forgotten that alternative treatment methods should only serve as a supplement. Especially with psychological problems, yoga exercises and meditation have long been considered promising. For this purpose, a study by the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry carried out research into Kundalini Yoga and its connection with generalized anxiety disorders and stress management. The surprising result: Although the regular use of yoga exercises did not exceed the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy, it did better than educational lectures in stress management.

    Yoga as a remedy

    In recent years in particular, the number of people suffering from anxiety disorders has increased, especially in western countries. However, many do not see a doctor because of mental health problems. On the one hand, the limited capacities of medical facilities may play a role, on the other hand, it is also fear itself that prevents treatment. Yoga exercises or mediation in your own four walls can offer support. Because the goal of yoga practice is not to master demanding sporting exercises. Instead, the focus is on attaining a state of mindfulness with the help of breathing exercises. In this way, those affected can learn to deal better with psychological pressure and stressful situations. Previous experience reports also indicate that meditation and yoga can temporarily release negative feelings. The continuity of the exercise plays an important role, one should also be patient and not expect results immediately. Regular yoga practice, however, does not replace a visit to a specialist and is therefore only considered a supplement to existing treatments, the effectiveness of which has already been clearly proven by studies.

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Forum Health COVID-19: Yoga and Ayurveda can support the healing process