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Discord breaks off talks with Microsoft

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For weeks Discord would have been in talks with Microsoft people to be bought. Now the negotiations have reportedly broken down.

Discord’s drama over its rise and popularity has reached unimaginable levels over the past few weeks. First, we saw how his fame grew meteorically throughout 2020.

As a result, strong rumors began to emerge that several companies were now interested in acquiring the platform. Microsoft appeared to be the most advanced and willing to pay a lot of money.

But now it seems that everything has changed its inertia and Discord would have left the negotiating table rejecting the offer of the company that created the Windows operating system.

Why Discord broke everything?

A report from the folks at Bloomberg, the same ones who launched the initial leak of these buyout talks, claims that Discord would have ended any intention to sell itself to Microsoft.

Discord breaks off talks with Microsoft: They go public
Discord breaks off talks with Microsoft: They go public

It is assumed, according to the available data, that the last offer on the table amounted to about $12 billion. But there would be two determining factors why they did not accept:

  • They are very comfortable with what is currently happening on the platform. So they want to continue to have the freedom to steer their course at this stage with complete freedom.
  • They are seriously considering the possibility of going public on the stock exchange. Which is the medium-term could represent much more money than that offered by Microsoft.

This last report corresponds to information now leaked by the Wall Street Journal. Where it is estimated that the market value of Discord could be around $18 billion.

It is said that any possibility of purchase by Microsoft or some other company would not be abandoned. But it seems that it will not happen soon, nor for so “little” money.

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