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Among Us: What to do if you get Google Auth no token error?

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A large number of users had their party ruined by the new Among Us update. Inner Sloth is already working on the problem.

After a long wait, the developers of Inner Sloth released “The Airship”, the new Among Us map. Also, they integrated a large number of modifications in the platform, taking advantage of the fact that they were going to update the application. However, that left some negative consequences, as there is a recurring error identified as “Google Auth no token” that many users of iOS, PC, some Xbox consoles, and especially Android, reported throughout the weekend. So, we explain what happened and how to do to fix it.

The first update, which we have been waiting for since the end of 2020 and which was released last Wednesday, March 31, is identified as 2021.3.31. However, when every user tried to log in with their credentials to authenticate the account, the annoying “Google Auth no token” appeared. Then, it did not allow you to log in to play.

Among Us: What to do if I get the error "Google Auth no token"?
Among Us: What to do if I get the error “Google Auth no token”?

As soon as it started appearing, the networks were flooded with complaints and the developers started working on a solution. Part of the problem stems from the fact that one of the updates aims to offer a much more secure community within Among Us. Then, precisely in the creation of accounts and name changes, the authentication failures were recorded. Therefore, the company had to release an emergency patch to generate workarounds for some to calm the waters.

Solution for Among Us problem

Inner Sloth separated the problem into three platforms (iOS, Android, and Microsoft) and also each of the different messages that appeared to each of the users. Consequently, it was solving one by one, to be able to get out of all the storms they had to go through over the weekend. Although some persist, at least now the error that gives from the Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS, allows users to play.

For these two virtual stores, it is necessary to enter their home screens and look for the Among Us update. It will appear available and the ID should show 2021.4.2. They specify to users that they can create an account and for now it can only be played on a single platform. In case they still get an error, they should log in as a guest and it will allow them to see the new map. The PuinikaWeb portal reviews that the bad thing about this part is that it does not let you talk in the quick chat. But at least it is a step forward.

Unfortunately, they report that on the Microsoft platform for PC and Xbox Live the problem persists. However, they are keeping in constant contact with players to learn more about the bug. “The Microsoft Store build does not yet support Xbox Live sign-in. The build is being worked on as we speak and the next build should address that,” they detailed in a statement.

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