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How to speed up the RAM of your smartphone without root?

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Today we tell you how to speed up the RAM of your smartphone without root. As with computer equipment, RAM is one of the most critical parts of your Android phone, as it is responsible, along with the processor, for making it work faster and more smoothly. For this reason, it is best to treat it as well as possible so that the smartphone works at its best.

How to speed up the RAM of your smartphone without root?

When an application is opened, it is stored in RAM until the application is closed. The more apps you launch on Android, the more RAM is consumed. If you have a considerable amount of memory, you will be able to multitask without problems but if your phone has between 1GB and 4GB RAM, you may find yourself in trouble when using several apps at the same time.

How to speed up the RAM of your smartphone without root?
How to speed up the RAM of your smartphone without root?

While in a computer we can add memory modules, physically expand the RAM of the phone is impossible. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t use some tricks to speed it up.

Configure your phone to speed up its performance

There are two ways to improve your phone’s performance, depending on whether or not you use applications. If you choose not to install anything, there are several other ways with which you can increase the RAM of your Android mobile without doing anything more than touching the smartphone settings.

Look in the phone settings

Whether it’s in your smartphone’s security/optimization app, or your phone’s settings, almost all modern operating systems have an option to speed up your device’s RAM. Doing so is as easy as locating it on your phone (you can use the search engine in the settings app by typing “RAM”) and activating it as shown in this image.

Close apps in the background

Pressing the multitasking button or sliding your finger from the bottom of the phone and holding it we can access the Android multitasking. Here are grouped all those apps that we have opened since the phone has been turned on and are kept in the background consuming RAM. Choose the ones to close one by one or press the “X” button to close them all at once and increase the performance of the device.

Use a black wallpaper to increase RAM on Android

Using a black wallpaper to increase RAM may seem strange to many users, but the truth is that if you use wallpapers with movement or brightly colored wallpapers, it will use a lot of memory ate you will face problems such as locks and lag on mobile.

Remove useless apps to increase RAM on Android

There are many apps that we don’t use on our Android phones, but we still keep them. The more apps you keep installed on your Android phone, the more storage and memory consumption it produces, even if you don’t use them.

Spend a few minutes a month to collect all those unused apps that you keep on your phone and delete them without fear.

Disable system animations

The system animations look spectacular when you open or close applications, switch between screens, or unlock the mobile but the truth is that they consume more RAM than they should. It is advisable to disable them from the developer options and, within the advanced settings of this menu, locate the Window Animation Scale options and disable them.

Delete junk files and cache to increase RAM on Android

There is no direct relationship between files in the internal memory and RAM, but still, if you have a lot of files present in your phone’s storage, its performance is going to be weighed down. Therefore, to keep your device in good condition, it is recommended to delete all the files that you don’t need.

You can use your phone’s optimizer to select the “clean” button and limit all those junk files that do nothing but harm your phone.

Use an app like RAM Booster

Many apps promise to boost RAM or increase the performance of your Android phone, but in reality, they do nothing and consume a lot of RAM. So it is better not to use these apps. However, there are some quite contrasted as RAM Booster that serves many users to accelerate the RAM of the mobile without having to root the phone.

How to speed up the RAM of your cell phone without root?

This is an app oriented to those users who do not have a large amount of memory on their phones and want to squeeze the most out of the device’s performance. To do this you just have to download the app for free from the link above, grant the necessary permissions, and select the option “Release RAM / Release RAM/. The work is done automatically and you will see how the smartphone gains extra power.

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