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Steam Remote Play Together feature now works without an account

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From now on, Steam lets you use the Remote Play Together feature without a Steam account. Many platforms have free games but you must first create an account. The latest Steam beta allows you to play certain games without the need for an account.

Competition is growing, that’s why Steam keeps adding new features. Today we learn about a very interesting new feature. The company now allows you to play your games without having an account. And we are not talking about free titles, but paid games too, without limitations. But only if certain conditions are met.

Steam lets you play games without an account thanks to Remote Play Together

This is actually an extension of the Remote Play Together feature, which allows you to play online with your friends in cooperative games that do not have an online mode.

Thanks to this feature a player who has purchased a game stream it to a friend to be able to play together. This way games that were designed for local co-op mode can be played over the internet.

The game runs locally on the owner’s computer and friends don’t have to install it, this feature is using a very similar method that Google Stadia is using.

Until now, to use this feature it was necessary for everyone participating to have a Steam account. But this requirement has been removed in the latest beta. It is no longer necessary to have a Steam account to play in Remote Play Together mode, installing the Steam app is enough.

How to use Remote Play Together on Steam without an account?

Remote Play Together feature of Steam now works without an account
This feature is in beta phase for now.

The process is simple. At the moment it is in the beta phase, so you have to start Steam, go to settings and activate Steam beta.

Then look for games that support the Remote Play Together feature. You can check this by going to your Library, and in the search engine tap on the advanced search icon, and check the Remote Play Together filter.

Launch a game, press the Shift + TAB keys to access the interface, and enter the chat. There you will see an Invite Anyone button. You will get a link that you must send to your friends by email, Whatsapp, etc.

Your friends have to click on the link that will ask them to install the Steam app if they don’t have it, but it won’t be necessary to create an account. You will start streaming your screen to their computer, and they will be able to play in the multiplayer modes as the second player.

The only limitation is that if you invite several people, only one can play without a Steam account. The rest will have to have one.

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