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Samsung CEO confirms rollable smartphones

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Today Samsung CEO confirmed that the South Korean company will also have its rollable smartphones. Although foldable smartphones have only been around for two years, it seems that the industry is already looking beyond, with even more attractive proposals, such as rollable or extendable smartphones.

Samsung CEO confirms that a rollable smartphone is on the way

Both LG and OPPO have shown working prototypes that could be launched in a few years or even months.

It seems that Samsung, which right now leads the foldable phone industry, does not want to be left out, and the Samsung CEO has confirmed that his company is working on these new form factors.

The first of the clues we have in one of the patents that the firm has licensed, where we see a phone that unfolds on two sides.

The CEO of Samsung confirms that they will also have rollable smartphones
Dual slidable smartphone patent of Samsung

As always, just because a brand has a patent does not mean that it will develop a phone with that exact shape, but it confirms that it is something they are working on.

It could be the case that Samsung creates these screens with the idea of selling them to other manufacturers, but obviously, it would be strange if it did not use them previously in its own models, as we have seen on other occasions with flexible panels.

The CEO of Samsung confirms that they will also have rollable smartphones
Leaked Samsung rollable smartphone featured

Samsung’s rollable smartphone is also seen in some leaked images. But of course, this could only be a concept, we are not sure if this exact model will be on market or not. Images show a mobile phone that folds twice and a rollable model that is housed in a cylinder.

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