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Fortnite adds Gangnam Style dance as an in-game gesture

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It’s been almost 10 years since Gangnam Style exploded on YouTube and set several records, and believe it or not, it’s now back thanks to Fortnite.

Fortnite added the Gangnam Style dance as an in-game gesture, surprising users. Some may have danced it in those years, but perhaps the vast majority of Fortnite players barely remember it, and others, are just discovering how catchy this dance that was all the rage in 2012 is.

Gangnam Style is back with Fortnite

In early January, Fortnite added a new gesture with music by Dua Lipa and choreography by Hannah Balanay. They continue to bring surprising features, so now they are bringing back Gangnam Style from the drawer of memories, as they mention on their Twitter account. It seems a strange strategy considering the average age of their players, but there is no denying that the catchiness of the dance will win over more than one.

All those who want to try it can get it in Fornite’s digital store, at about 500 paVos, to include it in the game’s characters. If you search on Twitter, several users have already shared how it looks and integrates with the rest of the gestures that Fortnite offers. And yes, it follows the same moves you remember from the dance and has the music in the background.

So you’ll now be able to implement the Gangnam Style dance to your move kit to use while trying to survive in the game. It is a combination of nostalgia for the oldies, and the discovery of one of the catchiest beats for the new generation.

Let’s remember that at that time there was no hit list in which Gangnam Style did not appear. The song managed to break several records, for example, it became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views. And let’s also not forget that it created thousands of tributes and parodies going around in YouTube videos.

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