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Google launches new advanced security platform for enterprises

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Google launches new advanced security platform for enterprises. The move of part or all of the business workflow to the cloud makes web browsers a key application in enterprises, and given the position Google Chrome is in, its managers have been working for over ten years with initiatives that seek to make the web a safer space for everyone.

Now, in collaboration with the Cloud Security team, they announce the launch of BeyondCorp Enterprise, the new zero-trust security platform, offering advanced security capabilities for enterprises across Chrome and even devices under Chrome OS.

According to Google: BeyondCorp Enterprise can offer customers a zero-trust solution that protects data, better protects users against real-time threats, and provides critical device information to inform access decisions, all without the need for additional agents or additional software.

Advanced security capabilities without the need for additional software

This platform builds on the way Google protects its infrastructures against all types of web threats, with enhanced malware and phishing prevention capabilities through URL checks and deep scanning for malware, protection of sensitive data on the web through custom data rules set by IT teams, and visibility and reporting against potential risks or suspicious activity.

Google launches new advanced security platform for enterprises
Google launches new advanced security platform for enterprises

With Chrome as part of the zero-trust strategy: Enhanced capabilities surrounding data protection and loss prevention protect organizations from both external threats and internal leakage risks, many of which may be unintentional

Protection based on Google’s zero trust model

These capabilities will be integrated directly into Chrome, so there will be no need to install additional software extensible to Chrome OS devices as well. Google says its new enterprise security platform is simple and more secure for both those responsible for enterprise technology infrastructures and users who need to use enterprise computing equipment.

Chrome will hold a webinar this Thursday the 28th, where it will talk about all of its enterprise security measures, including the new BeyondCorp Enterprise security platform, as well as preview everything it will release later this year 2021.

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