How to get a new IP address on a Mac?

How to get a new IP address on a Mac?

If you don’t know how to get a new IP address on a Mac, we are going to help you out. There are several reasons that may lead us to need a new IP address. One of the most common problems is related to the following message: “Another device is using your IP”, and you can solve this error by getting a new address.

This is a much more common error than you might think, and it is normal in DHCP networks. Sometimes the router is turned on and the different devices connected to the network have difficulties.

It is possible that the router ends up assigning an IP address that was originally already being used by another device that was not connected but switched on, which already had an address assigned previously, but was not functional until then.

This can generate different conflicts, such as preventing the connection of that particular device from working properly and as it should, generating instability or even problems to connect normally to the network.

In any case, and when warning messages of this type arise, one of the most effective solutions (especially when this incidence has occurred on more occasions) is to assign a fixed IP to those devices that are more problematic, something very useful when we want to continue maintaining our DHCP network.

However, if you do not want to go that far, it is also possible to solve this problem by obtaining a new IP address, without changing between dynamic and static IPs.

How to get a new IP address on a Mac?

Getting a new IP address will help “force” the router to forget the address our Mac is currently using, providing it with a different one.

To do this, we must click on the Apple icon, which we will find located in the upper left corner of the screen, which will open the menu, and then click on System Preferences.

Now we click on Network and then on Advanced. Now we click on TCP/IP, click on Renew DHCP grant, and finish the process by clicking on OK, which will help save the changes.

How to get a new IP address on a Mac?
How to get a new IP address on a Mac?

This will give our Mac a new IP address, instead of trying to continue using the one that was already assigned to a different device.

However, if despite the changes we still see the same message, we can choose to disable and activate the WiFi connection, which would help restore the system.

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