Samsung announced Galaxy A32 5G: Specs, price and release date

Samsung announced Galaxy A32 5G: Specs, price and release date

Samsung discreetly launched Galaxy A32 5G, and here is its specs, price and release date. This is the company’s most affordable 5G phone, with a performance not too ambitious but looking precisely to compete in this sector, increasingly crowded. But it seems that it wasn’t going to arrive alone, because now they have presented the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, which resembles it in more than just its nomenclature.

It is also a mid-range mobile with the minimum RAM and screen that can be expected from the more modest phones in that range. Although in what seems to stand out, in addition to 5G, is by a particular design.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G specs

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT76.1 x 164.2 x 9.1mm
HD +
6 GB
8 GB
STORAGE128GB expandable via microSD cards up to 1TB
OSAndroid 10
One UI
2MP macro
2MP depth
Quick charge 15W
PRICENot available

The phone does not provide a groundbreaking aesthetic or a striking form factor like the LG Wing but they have used a tactic similar to that of the LG Velvet: to differentiate themselves in the rear and to stand out from the module era. The A32 5G has four rear cameras that we will comment on later, but what is striking at first glance is that it seems very minimal.

This way it manages to be something different from the majority of current mobiles, also giving it a more minimalist air by not having more elements there (the fingerprint reader remains on one side). The cameras are placed in two strips, seeing that the front is much more standard, resorting to notch and frames without thinning too much.

This screen is, like the A42 5G, modest in resolution. When it is already very common to see mobiles with FullHD+ resolution (perhaps that is why it is too much in the high range), the screen of the A32 5G has a diagonal of 6.5 inches, HD+ resolution and TFT technology.

Samsung manufactures its own processors, and ironically it’s not uncommon when introducing a new phone to not specify the details of the SoC. In this case we know that it integrates an eight-core processor with 5G support and for the maximum frequencies (2 GHz + 2 GHz) it could be the Snapdragon 690 or a MediaTek Dimensity 720, but we will have to wait for them to provide that information.

As for memories, the RAM options are 4, 6 or 8 GB and the storage is 128 GB of expandable by microSD cards. It has Dolby Atmos audio and a 5,000 mAh battery, with 15 W fast charge.

Samsung announced Galaxy A32 5G: Specs, price and release date
Samsung announced Galaxy A32 5G: Specs, price and release datealaxy 

Speaking of those cameras without module, given the rest of the features you would think that there would be no surprise in this area and indeed the A32 5G has the usual configuration rather conformist in triple and quadruple cameras. In this case there are four rear cameras, next to the front one as follows:

Main camera with 48-megapixel sensor.
Ultra wide angle lens with 8-megapixel sensor
2-megapixel sensor with macro lens.
2-megapixel sensor for depth.
Front camera with 13-megapixel sensor and f/2.2 aperture lens

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G models, price and release date

Along with the mystery of the Samsung processor, information about the price and availability of this model has also been taken away. With no changes we know that there will be only one internal storage option to choose from with 4, 6 or 8GB RAM.

It will be available in four colors: lilac, white, light blue and black, although sometimes this is also subject to the markets. We will update you as soon as we know this information.