Sony today debuts new Bravia XR TVs with cognitive intelligence

Sony today debuts new Bravia XR TVs with cognitive intelligence

Today Sony presented its new Bravia XR TVs with cognitive intelligence. According to the company, these models are the first in the world with cognitive intelligence, thanks to the XR processor they use processing that goes beyond conventional artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to replicate the visual and auditory capacities of human beings.

The company launched the Z9J series, the A90J and A80J series, and the X95J and X90J series, which use the processor to enhance images based on how the human brain and eyes work, analyzing and highlighting the user’s focal or attention points to improve the experience.

“The new processor can perform a cross-sectional analysis of a set of elements at the same time, just as our brain does. By doing this, each element is adjusted to its best level, in combination with the rest, so that the whole image looks perfectly synchronized and real, something that conventional artificial intelligence cannot achieve,” they explained during the launch event.

The processor of Sony Bravia XR can also analyze the position of the sound in the signal so it plays in perfect sync with what we see on the screen. It also converts any sound into 3D surround sound to provide superior realism with an immersive soundscape.

It learns, analyzes, and processes an unprecedented amount of data and intelligently optimizes each pixel, frame, and scene to achieve the most realistic image and sound that Sony has to offer.

Features of the new Sony Bravia XR TVs

Bravia core: This is a content platform included in Son Bravia XR TVs, created with Sony Entertainment Pictures, to offer free and paid series and movies.

Google TV: A totally new user interface to offer the maximum entertainment experience. Easily find what to watch with personalized recommendations and manage all your content in a single Watchlist. Users can even add content to their Watchlists from their phones or laptops.

Sony today debuts new Bravia XR TVs with cognitive intelligence
Sony today debuts new Bravia XR TVs with cognitive intelligence

HDMI 2.1 interface support: Bravia XR TVs will support HDMI 2.1 interface, including 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)[6], Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and e-ARC to support higher frame rates and resolutions, ideal for next-generation games.

Hands-free voice function: Sony TVs with voice command can search with the assistant to find the latest blockbusters; in addition, they can play series or ask you to dim the lights by connecting smart home devices. Manage tasks and check your calendar, or simply ask questions and watch the answers on your Bravia XR TVs.

Smart speaker support: You can play and control YouTube videos with Google Home or change channels and adjust volume with devices connected to Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The new Bravia XR models continue to offer the creators’ intention with the Netflix Calibrated Mode. This way, you can offer Netflix content with studio-quality and IMAX® Enhanced™ to bring the IMAX Experience to your home with a new level of perspective, sound, and scale.