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18 Android Auto developer options you should know

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Today we will show you 18 new Android Auto developer options, this way you’ll be able to use your smart auto tool like a pro. With the arrival of new smartphones on the market, it is possible to synchronize your devices and make them work together.

As we have seen with Apple CarPlay, Android also has an easy way to connect your phone through Android Auto, this way you’ll be able to use special features and applications on your car. For those who don’t know, Android Auto is a system developed by Google that allows smartphones to efficiently connect to the browsers of compatible cars and even operate their control panel.

Best Android Auto developer options:

If you want to use Android Auto like a pro check these options out. Please note that some of them are not yet enabled, so some errors may occur in some cars. You’ll find a list below:

  • Application mode.
  • Day/Night.
  • Share screenshot now.
  • Add wireless projection.
  • Save video.
  • Screenshot.
  • Save audio.
  • Save Microphone Input.

18 Android Auto developer options you should know
Check these Android Auto developer options.

  • Guide audio sampling rate
  • Clears all data.
  • Force debug log.
  • Collect GPS data.
  • Disable NRA monitoring.
  • Request video focus at startup.
  • Enable audio latency dump.
  • Video resolution.
  • Unknown sources.
  • Enable debugging overlay.

However, there are other things that you can enable. It is possible to choose between a bus or resolution 480p, 720,p and 1080p or simply you can modify the night mode.

Another option you can enable in Android Auto developer mode is the “Unknown Sources”, which opens the door to install any APK.


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