Microsoft Flight Simulator adds real-time snow with Live Weather feature

Last month, Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Asobo Studio released an update that made the program compatible with most virtual reality devices. But this was not the only new feature that was included. Another improvement was the implementation of snow and ice coverage for the Live Weather feature, which will allow us to fly over more realistic virtual landscapes, with weather updates in real-time.

You’ll be able to enjoy snow in real-time thanks to the Live Weather feature of Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the following video, captured in 4K and shared by Microsoft Flight Simulator itself, we can see what some of the areas under this snow cover look like not only a white model for the mountains, but also all kinds of trees dusty, icy lakes and surfaces, and even small suspended snowstorms.


In addition, since it will be a feature that will change in real-time according to the weather information, we will not only see a change from the normal locations to this snowy version, but we will be able to see the progress or withdrawal of the target progressively. Certainly, an outstanding way to give greater continuity to this impressive simulator, rediscovering the same places over and over again to see how they look at different times.

Microsoft Flight Simulator breaks records

Practically since its launch, everything indicated that its sales and player numbers were going to be very high, something that was finally confirmed at the end of the year, with a quota that already exceeded two million players. Although to many it might not seem like a spectacular figure (far from the tens of millions from AAA games), it is worth mentioning that it is a milestone for this type of simulation title.

Even though the game still suffers from some small optimization bugs, we certainly cannot help but declare that Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best simulator published to date. The real-time Live Weather feature of the Microsoft Flight Simulator will surely take a lot of attention.