How to extend WiFi coverage without spending a fortune?

How to extend WiFi coverage without spending a fortune?

If you don’t know how to extend WiFi coverage in your entire house without spending a fortune we are going to help you out. If your house is large, has several floors and/or has very thick walls, you will probably suffer from connection problems in some rooms. However, there is always a solution.

How to extend WiFi coverage without spending a fortune?

Choose the best place to place the router

Since the signal is distributed wirelessly around the router, and since the router is your base (the position of the antennas, the location of the walls and its walls will influence), it is ideal to place the router in the central room of the house. Or, as close as possible to the areas where you use your devices the most. It is often more economical to move the router than to get involved in more complex solutions.

You should establish the center of your house in order to reach the entire house with WiFi coverage. The wireless network does not behave in a homogeneous way because any physical object will change the quality of the connection, but it is always better to center it than to leave the router at the end of the house. You can do this:

  • Extend the fiber optic cable: Take the router, with or without the ONT (depending on whether your operator installs both devices or gives you a router that also includes an optical node terminal), to the most central place in your house using a long optical cable.
  • Extend the ethernet cable: Use a network cable long enough to reach the ideal place to place the router (from the ONT to the router). Make sure you purchase a high-speed network cable.

Use another router

It is common to have more than one connection device with a wireless access point. So, in case you have a couple of routers, you can use them to expand the WiFi coverage; as long as the second one has a WAN or can connect to the main router to act as a repeater.

Configure the second router as a WAN

If you have WAN input on the secondary router, you can bring the connection from an ethernet port on the main router by simply extending a network cable of the required length. This way you will have two WiFi connections to cover your whole house: depending on where you move your mobile or computer will connect to the network that offers better quality. It is a simple and very economical way to cover the entire home. And you have the option of connecting more routers via WAN in order to cover a larger area.

Connect the second router as a repeater

More and more devices offer the option of connecting to another access point to act as a network repeater. The connection between the access points is done from the router’s configuration: you must connect the secondary to the main one. Maybe your device has this option.

Reusing a router is an economical and simple way to extend WiFi coverage without too many problems. Choose the option that best suits your needs (wired and WAN or as a repeater), test the devices until the connection is stable at all locations, and then perform the final installation.

How to extend WiFi coverage without spending a fortune?
How to extend WiFi coverage without spending a fortune?

Purchase a network extender

So far the expense has been minimal as we have reused the equipment (except for the cables), but you may not have a second router or, after moving the access point to the more central area of your house, you were unable to solve the coverage problems. Then you have to consider buying some extra equipment.

  • WiFi network repeater: This is basically a device that connects to the main WiFi network to create a secondary wireless network to extend WiFi coverage.
  • PLC: With PLC devices you can bring the Internet to any point in the house with wires. They extend the network in a simple way since it is enough to connect one of the plugs to the router with a network cable and place the other plug in the areas of the house that you want to cover. Depending on the model you can use ethernet to access the connection or also WiFi.

With the network extenders, the process is greatly simplified since it is usually sufficient to connect and configure them. However, to ensure maximum stability without losing excessive download and upload speeds, it is advisable to choose a good extender.