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YouTube Music 2020 summary: How can you see your songs of the year?

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YouTube Music also has its 2020 summary: In this article we show you how you can see your songs of the year.

A short while ago Spotify launched its 2020 summary, a feature that allows users to view their most listened to tracks and artists from 2020. This feature is well anticipated by users, so their competitors have taken note and are launching their own versions, as is the case with YouTube Music.

The application owned by Google has grown significantly this year, now launched its 2020 summary. YouTube Music creates a series of playlists for users, with the Top 100 songs of the year.

YouTube Music has its own summary of the year

Unlike Spotify, which provides a lot of data on activity (most listened to the song, most listened to artists, amount of new artists discovered), YouTube Music presents a fairly simple summary of 2020. The application creates a series of playlists based on the activity the user has had in the application over the past year.

YouTube Music also has its 2020 summary
YouTube Music also has its 2020 summary

They leave us with playlists like Top Songs of 2020, Top Pop 2020, or a list of their own Summary of 2020. There are lists based on the genre you have listened to, especially if there are genres you have listened to very often on your account, then they will have a playlist of their own.

How to reach your YouTube Music 2020 summary?

  1. Open YouTube Music on your phone.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  3. Scroll down to the end.
  4. Go to My 2020 Summary.
  5. Open the desired playlist to view your songs.

This 2020 summary is starting to be displayed among users in the Android application. You may not get anything if you log in now, but it shouldn’t take too long to be available worldwide. This way you, will have playlists with the songs you have most listened to over the course of this year.

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