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Apple will not reduce the App Store commission

Apple will not reduce the App Store commission

Even the most powerful companies have confronted Apple to reduce or even eliminate the App Store commission. However, nothing has changed Apple’s mind, nor do they seem close to doing so.

Apple has given all the reasons why the request of many of the developers would affect their financial results and this time they have done it formally in front of their investors. A statement shared with investors to clarify Apple’s situation in the face of pressure from developers claiming a reduction in the tariff.

“If the commission rate the company retains on such sales is reduced, or if its scope is otherwise reduced or eliminated, the company’s financial position and operating results could be adversely and materially affected.”

Apple will not reduce the App Store commission

Following the announcement of the results of a surprisingly strong fourth fiscal quarter of 2020 with revenues of $64.7 billion and earnings of $12.67 billion The services category, which includes App Store profits, recorded $14.55 billion in revenue versus $12.5 billion in the same period last year.

Especially in 2020, Apple’s App Store policies for developers have been heavily criticized by companies like Epic Games, Telegram and Spotify.

There is even an ongoing lawsuit in which the developer of Fortnite has sued Apple, as it claims that the company acts as a monopoly by forcing developers to pay App Store fees.

Apple will not reduce the App Store commission. According to the results of the first hearings, the authorities have taken into account Apple’s arguments over those of the plaintiff and at least legally, there are no arguments to force Apple to give in on this petition. But it will be until May of next year when the trial between both companies will define the controversial situation.