Google will show if your Android phone is insecure

Google will show if your Android phone is insecure

Google has introduced a new information page for users, on which security gaps on individual smartphones can be easily viewed or in other words, if an Android phone is insecure. In addition, a function is planned for the future, with which warnings about security problems should appear directly in the apps as pop-ups. Watch the video to find out which Android virus scanners you can use to make your smartphone even more secure.

Since Google, unlike its competitor Apple, provides its Android operating system for several smartphone manufacturers, a uniform solution like iOS is not possible for all devices. The respective manufacturers must adapt the device software so that the latest function and security updates can be installed on the phones. As a result, many users only receive the important updates on their smartphone every quarter or even every six months.

This function will show if an Android phone is insecure

Even if the latest patches are installed, not all known security holes are necessarily covered. In this case, the manufacturers themselves are obliged to minimize any weak points. Until now, users have not been able to see whether their own device is possibly affected. Google now wants to change this and has launched the “Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative”, an initiative for vulnerabilities at Android partners.

Google will show if your Android phone is insecure

This is a list of vulnerabilities in the respective Android versions of the individual manufacturers. Not only the smartphone manufacturers themselves are listed, but also producers of hardware such as processors. Users can quickly see from the status whether the problems are still “new” or already “fixed”. The link to the list can be found here.

Also, Android apps will be more secure

Google has also announced another exciting innovation for more security on Android in a blog post: In the future, users will be warned via pop-up directly in Google apps if a serious risk to account security is detected. A tap on the pop-up will open a more detailed description of the problem, including recommended steps for fixing it.

Google, however, has been using a very similar method of operation since 2015: users will be informed via push notifications when a potential problem with their Google account is detected.

According to the blog post, a limited rollout of the new security feature for all Google apps is planned in the coming weeks. It should then be activated for even more users in early 2021.