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WhatsApp prepares its own search engine

WhatsApp prepares its own search engine
WhatsApp prepares its own search engine

WhatsApp prepares its own search engine. WhatsApp’s advanced search engine will allow you to find photos, videos, links, gifs, audio and documents in chats, although at the moment it is only available in beta. The good news of WhatsApp for Android has been long in coming, but it’s finally here.

In the last month, the messaging app has been developing a new advanced search function (advanced Search engine) that, at the moment, is only available for certain very specific beta testers, but it will not take long to reach all devices. For now, the whatsapp search engine will include photos, videos, links, gifs, audio and documents.

These types of activations, executed from the central WhatsApp server, are partial – hence it is only available for a handful of betas – and are usually slow, since they  require time, tests and corrections to check the effects of the new feature. in the app. In these cases, it is better to enable it for a few than for all.

That said, if you are on a compatible beta version of WhatsApp (between and and you are lucky, you may be one of the users who received the activation of the whatsapp search engine, with which you can search for a specific type of message (text, image, video, GIF, audio, documents) by date and author. Once the examination phase is complete, it will be implemented in the global search function.


But this is not the only summer novelty of the messaging app. WhatsApp announced at the end of last year its intention to introduce a new feature of self-destructing messages, a feature that can already be found in applications such as Snapchat, of which it has been releasing small details periodically.

The reason for these changes is nothing more than to  control the spread of hoaxes on WhatsApp. If the content is uploaded to the internet, the process of verifying the veracity  of the information through different content verifiers is much easier. Until now, the messaging app cannot know by itself if it is false information or not, since it is encrypted at both ends and does not allow access to the messages to review them. We will learn a lot more about Whatsapp search engine and it’s beneficial uses.