How to edit photos for your social network accounts?

How to edit photos for your social network accounts?
How to edit photos for your social network accounts?

How to edit photos for your social network accounts? Social networks are more fashionable than ever, which means that every day millions of photos are uploaded to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. In this article we explain how to edit photos for your social networks , making them look perfect.

How to edit photos for your social network with Promo Image Resizer?

Many users think that it is enough to simply upload the photo to social networks. This is something that works, but we can always do something to make them give much better. We teach you to use a free tool called Promo Image Resizer, which will allow you to edit the size of your photos to the different social networks so that they are much more professional.

Promo Image Resizer is a tool that adapts to social network accounts, whether you want to prepare a cover photo for Facebook, for your Instagram story, or even to create a nice Twitter or YouTube header. This means that you will have everything you need in one tool, which is great. Another advantage of Promo Image Resizer is that you can upload the photos in question both from your PC and from a specific URL.

The output format of the Promo Image Resizer images is JPEG , a format that achieves high quality with a very low weight. This is important for the upload time of images on social network accounts, especially if you are going to upload many.

The first step is to access the official website of Promo Image Resizer. Once inside you can start using the tool, as you do not need to register. The first thing we see are two buttons to select the image to be treated , whether it is hosted on our PC or if it is a resource from a URL. We only have to select the option that interests us. In this case we are going to use an image hosted on our PC.

Once we have selected the image, information about its size appears on the right , both horizontally and vertically. We can adjust the size of the image in a very simple way by changing the size or scale values ​​on the X and Y axes. We also see an option to keep the aspect ratio, which is activated by default.

Have you noticed the bar that appears below the image? It is used to modify the zoom, so we can zoom in or out of the image to our liking. When you have finished adjusting the image you can download it by clicking on ” Download All images ” or “Download Selected Images”

How to edit photos for your social network accounts?
How to edit photos for your social network accounts?

But all of the above is just the beginning. If you go down you will see a lot of options related to the different social network accounts. You can also access each of them from the small bar with icons that is located on the right side of the screen.

You will find options for all the social network accounts you use. Let’s assume that we want an image for our Instagram story. We just have to go down to the Instagram section and look for the option that interests us. Once we have found it, we put the cursor over the option and click on “EDIT”.

After that a small editor will appear with the image adapted to the new format. We edit the zoom and the position of the photo to our liking and it will be ready. At the bottom we find the buttons to download the modified photo or even convert it into a video.

This is a quick walkthrough on how to edit photos, remember that Promo Image Resizer offers you options for social network accounts, you will not be short of selections.