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Xiaomi: Under-display cameras in smartphones need improvement

Xiaomi thinks under-display cameras need more work. Many smartphone providers are working on solutions that will allow you to hide the front camera directly under the display.  However, Xiaomi Vice President and Redmi CEO Lu Weibing believes that it may take longer than expected to launch such devices to the commercial market.

Xiaomi is known to patent technology for front-facing cameras hidden behind the screen of mobile devices, later named as under-display cameras. Moreover, last year, the Chinese company demonstrated a prototype of a device with a selfie module hidden under-display.

But as Weibing now says, before such smartphones go to mass production, a number of difficulties remain to be solved. One of them is associated with the high pixel density of modern displays. And because of this, too little light falls on the image sensor behind the screen.

As a result, the quality of photographs taken on a camera hidden behind the display are not what we used to now, especially what we used to in the last couple of years. At the same time, reducing the pixel density of the screen is not a way out of this unwanted situation, since in this case too the image quality will deteriorate.

We are sure that one way or another, the work in this direction will shape better and we expect to see new prototypes of devices with under-display camera this year.


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