Now you can create a quiz in Telegram

Russian instant messaging app Telegram presents a new poll/quiz feature that most of the similar apps including WhatsApp doesn’t have.

The new function is called Polls 2.0 and what you can do with it is to conduct surveys in which all members of a group or a channel can participate and vote in real time. In addition, it is also possible to create questionnaires. The function is available on all countries and presents three new functions to its previous group/channel polls.

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Previously, all polls conducted on the Telegram app were anonymous and with the latest update, it is possible to create polls that allow everyone in a group to see who voted for what option. It is still possible to create anonymous polls though.

In questionarres, you can ask questions that can have multiple answers, so things like scheduling an event becomes easier. And for game lovers, a quiz mode is also announced. It can be used for trivia games or even exams.

In addition to the new polling functions, the messaging app also introduced two new features: Message corners where you can change the visualization of the boxes on the background of an each message and download progress counters for in message file sending.

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How to create a poll or a quiz on Telegram?

In a group or a channel:

  • Tap attachment menu.
  • Click on Poll option.
  • Type in your question.
  • Add answer options.
  • Choose other settings.
  • Tap Send.

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