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Twitter will allow you to limit the replies

This year Twitter will launch a feature that will allow you to limit the people who reply your tweets. Twitter did not miss the opportunity to attend CES 2020 in Las Vegas, and announced a couple of additional features as well

The social network confirmed, through its product management director Suzanne Xie, that this year they will introduce a feature that will allow you to limit the people who respond to your tweets. This is expected to change today’s conversation system significantly.

To be more specific, Twitter will show a “Conversation Participants” button, from which you can choose between 4 options: Global, Group, Panel and Statement.

Global is just like how it works now, your tweets can receive replies from the entire public. Group, meanwhile, only lets you comment on the people you follow or have mentioned. Panel will let you specifically choose who can respond, while Statement will close any possibility of starting a conversation, as you will be the only person who can respond. It is important to make clear that the new limitations will be available individually for each tweet, not for all the posts in your profile.

Another announced feature is Threading which aims to highlight the micro conversations that arise from one tweet. The social network can show you those talks on the entire screen of your device, but adding lines to guide you through the answers and sub-answers. Obviously, this will facilitate reading between the various debates separately. In fact, it will use the same interface used in twttr, the experimental Twitter app.

Finally, the platform will pay more attention to custom lists, promising that it will be possible to change its display. All these news are part of the new Twitter strategy to improve the product. Kayvon Beykpour, product manager of Twitter, said that they have accelerated to develop new features, and hope to keep that pace for longer. Unfortunately they have not revealed when these features will be launched.

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