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Panasonic introduced VR glasses with HDR and UHD

According to Panasonic, it will be the world’s first VR glasses supporting UHD and HDR. Allegedly, using the device is as simple and convenient as regular sunglasses.

The glasses were created in collaboration with a microdisplay company named Kopin, the same company collaborates with Panasonic on Lumix cameras’ optical systems and audio and video equipments.

Panasonic’s new glasses has a 1.3-inch 2.6K OLED display, with a resolution of 2560×2560 pixels which makes it the largest color micro OLED with the highest resolution. It uses a Double-Stack OLED structure and also integrates a high-speed CPHY/DPHY MIPI interface, 10-bit color control for high dynamic range (HDR) reaching brightness over 1000 nits, contrast ratio over 10,000: 1 and high color fidelity (NTSC 70%).

The two companies have not announced a release date or price for the UHD HDR VR glasses.

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